CITI Ministries, Inc.

Sacramental Ministry and Pastoral Care

Home of the Society of Christ’s Priesthood

CITI Ministries enables married and resigned Priests to continue their ministries serving those who feel rejected or neglected by the Institutional Church. Whether it’s officiating a wedding, celebrating a Home Mass, conducting a baptism , anointing the sick, leading a funeral or serving as a chaplain, our Priests serve the under-served in a non-judgmental way.

Rooted in the Roman Catholic Tradition, CITI Ministries is a lay organization whose mission is to help fill the spiritual needs of the people of God by providing compassionate ministries to all.

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“Rent-a-Priest” re-branded as CITI Ministries in 2013.

Featured Priest:

Padre Michael Smith

As a married Roman Catholic priest, Padre Michael brings his faith and experience to help those in the Connecticut area, including Weddings, Spiritual Direction, Baptisms, Anointing, Funerals and Renewal of Vows.

Featured Community:

Dignity Washington

meets at  St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church

Every Sunday at 6pm for Mass at
1820 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC 20009

Dignity/Washington is a community of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Catholics and other Christians, our families and friends. We provide a healing outreach to LGBTQ Catholics and other people by affirming that they are beloved children of God. We gather together to establish a nurturing community of worship, blessing, celebration, ministry, spiritual development, education, and fellowship.