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CITI Ministries is a tax-deductible (501.c3) charity. Your contributions fund this website, our toll-free number (1-800-PRIEST 9), a social network for our CITI priests, and our efforts to resolve issues affecting the Catholic Church. Never before in the history of the church or in the history of Catholic Church reform has there been such an opportunity to effect optional celibacy and restore integrity in the Church. Catholics are sitting in the driver’s seat. All they need to do is ask a CITI priest for help—the request must come from the people according to Canon Law 843.

A canon lawyer at Leuven University chose CITI Ministries for her dissertation study. Her conclusion is that the people have the right to call upon married or resigned priests for ministry. Canon Law supports this conclusion noting that these priests cannot refuse a sacramental request (Canon 843).

Let’s work together and make this happen. Your financial assistance will help us make more people aware of CITI Ministries.