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Reverend Patrick (Pat) Wenrick

(813) 283-8178

As an ordained married priest I am licensed through CITI Ministries ( and the ICCC (International Council of Community Churches). I am available to officiate at Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, and home Masses.


Father Wenrick is available to conduct Christian Wake and Funeral Services at ones time of loss. Through the years I have seen people turn to their priest and minister at their time of Loss for solace and comfort. Rev. Wenrick is available to all people who suffer loss, and is willing to conduct and preside at Memorial Services at the Funeral Home or Cemetery.


Sometimes people have occasion to celebrate a wedding anniversary, graduation, retirement, or birthday. Besides having a dinner or cookout, they want to have a spiritual gathering. Over the years I have gathered on just such occasions to celebrate the Eucharist in the privacy of host homes. I cannot help but think that Jesus did the same with friends like Martha, Mary, and Lazarus as well as his followers on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. If you are interested in attending our Sunday Masses, please contact us and mention that you are interested in attending our Sunday Eucharist and we will let you know the particulars. If you are nourished and fed in our gathering then please come and join us again.


As a married priest I understand more fully now, than when I was a celibate priest, what it is like to be married. The foundation of a Life together with your spouse must be rooted in faith and in the Lord. I cherish the opportunity to meet with a couple who wish to be married and share with them (and they with me) not just autobiographical facts, but dreams, hopes, and wishes that are part and parcel of a marriage. It is also important to share what frustrations, struggles, and pains they might encounter along the way.
It is interesting to note that Jesus began his public ministry at a wedding at Cana in Galilee. Weddings are a joyous occasion and as such many couples need to experience that joy. Some couples that have come to me have experienced very painful and abusive first marriages or have been subjected to negative and despairing remarks by their priest or minister. I believe that the Jesus we worship would extend a healing embrace to these couples. As a priest I like to meet a couple a few times (if possible) before the marriage so that the marriage ceremony can be a meaningful experience. I look forward to meeting you and your fiancé as you prepare for a life together.
The Roman Catholic Church would not consider a marriage witnessed by me as valid. However, I believe that they are valid in the eyes of God and are definitely legal in the eyes of the State. Since I am self-supporting I ask for a donation of $350 which covers costs of travel, time collaborating, final preparations, and the ceremony. For weddings within a 50 mile radius of Tampa the suggested donation would be $300.00


I believe that Baptism is a right of every person. I do believe that Baptism claims a person for Christ and is inclusion in the Christian Community. As such the person, or family of the infant need to practice the faith and see to it that the child is raised in the faith. In the name of the Community I stand ready to help and support the one to be baptized along with the family and godparents of the one to be baptized. One should be willing to accept and practice the tenets of the faith.