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Padre Michael Smith



I’ve known Father Mike for about 21 years. When I was a little girl, I always dreamt of Mike being the one to marry/officiate my wedding. Well, life landed me in a small town in Pennsylvania, and when the time came to choose our minister, I asked my husband if he’d mind if I asked Father Mike. Of course he said he didn’t. I was nervous he honestly wasn’t going to be able to do it, but when I reached out he asked me when and where!

Father Mike and his wife made the trip out to Petersburg, PA to marry my husband and I. My dreams had come true. Mike worked with us, helped plan and was the best! He did an amazing job! I can’t thank him enough. My heart is full. People who had never met him came up to me and asked me how I met him/if he was local. Too bad he isn’t. I am lucky and truly blessed. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you God for blessing us all! My husband and I send our love.

Paige M.

For over 25 years I ministered and served as a Roman Catholic Priest and decided to leave active ministry in order to continue my relationship with my wife Cristina. To say the least, it was a difficult decision to leave ministry, the work of my whole adulthood life. I lived in Belgium for 4 years as I discerned priesthood and lived with students from all over the world allowing me the appreciation of all cultures and the diversity of life. I received academic support for my profession as well as numerous workshops for pastoral ministry including counseling sessions and training. Even though I had no official degree in counseling I was prepared to be in the midst of individual’s most traumatic and life-changing moments.

It is challenging to summarize the past 25 years in relationship to my work and experience. I served as a Chaplain in the U.S. Navy as well a Chaplain to High Schools. I volunteered and worked in homeless shelters, prisons, hospitals, and convalescent homes. I served as a Pastor for 20 years ministering to the diversity of a parish community. For 20 years I served on the leadership board for a priests’ national organization. I participated and completed CPE – Clinical Pastor Education specifically working in hospitals with hundreds of volunteer hours.

Presently I am working at Eastern CT State University as a Student Development Specialist. Primarily, I advise students academically helping them navigate through their degree evaluations. Inevitably, especially during this pandemic, students bring to me more than their schedules, they share their emotional status and, in many ways, need someone to listen and provide support.

I love the priesthood and all of the connections I made through the years. Many people still ask me to assist them with ministry. As I often tell people, “I am still a priest; being married hasn’t changed who I am in relationship to ministry and my love for people assisting them in a prayerful and meaningful way. I am still Michael who happens to be more effective in ministry with the support and love I have from my wife.”

Obviously my ministry and approach with people is founded on my faith and experience as a Catholic priest. However I am always open to new ways of ministry and to honor your expectations. My ministry is not limited to weddings; I am available for spiritual direction, baptisms, anointings, funerals, and renewal of vows.