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‘Spiritual Snacks’

By Donna Podobinski

The purpose of  the ‘Spiritual Snacks’ is to provide support for each other with daily love-filled prayer-care which helps us to remain Centered. Together, we can find each day to be filled with joy as we seek the Love & Peace of Eternity, of Heaven, which just happens to be within us. 

Our Spiritual Snacks are based on Sarah Young’s inspiring book of daily meditations, JESUS CALLINGEnjoying Peace in His Presence.  In Community with one another as/in Jesus’ Body, we are also called to be channels of His Peace.  Sharing these ‘Snacks’ is a way to channel His Peace as well as to provide a daily mutual prayer-presence for one another.

Given our human nature, we can quickly become out-of-balance, unCentered. Each day’s JESUS CALLING meditation is divided into 7 stand-alone ‘Spiritual Snack’ emails as reminders to re-Center with our Inner Peace Source. Each ‘Snack’ provides us with an opportunity to re-synchronize our heart beats with Jesus’ Heart and to exchange our thoughts for His calming, reassuring Peace. There are innumerable ways to re-Center in Jesus’ Peace. The Spirit leads us all uniquely.  To share the same ‘Spiritual Snacks’ with others is one such way.


You are invited to join our supportive Centering-prayer group.  To receive these ‘Spiritual Snacks’, click here . Please provide your name, address and email address.

We are deeply grateful to Sarah Young, the author of JESUS CALLING. Her short daily meditations have continued to inspire our Centering-prayer faith family since 2014. To honor her copyright, you will receive a copy of her book when you begin receiving the Spiritual Snacks. Please consider making a free-will donation to offset the cost of book and postage. To Donate, click here


“As we approach the end of another 365/366 days, I want to thank you so much for your DAILY Jesus centering in my life. It’s the first thing I look for in the morning. It makes me feel loved by the Spirit always.  So happy to be sharing these with all. Such powerful messages. They make my day.”  Louise

“The ‘Spiritual Snacks’ have saved me many times from just walking out on my job and quitting!”  Patrick

“Thank you so much for the spiritual snacks as they have been a real comfort to me during this stressful year and have deepened my connection with Jesus. It was a perfect time to receive this blessing in my life.”  Joyce

“The Sept. 17th Snacks could not have arrived at a better time.  These are my problems. I hope to see the light.”  Bill

“Boy does that help put the perspective on life’s events and challenges…….. just when I think I have an issue that involves unfairness and my natural desire to “settle the score” I read this — perfect timing.  Thank you for making my day.”   Jim

“OM Gosh!!!!   I just read this and it is one I feel I can really relate to!”    Trudy

“It is my honor to be included in this spiritual group. You know how I love snacks, but these spiritual snacks are the most important snacks. Once again, thank you for including me in your group.”  Al

“The spiritual snacks have been very helpful and appropriate for my days. Thanks!”  Larraine

“Thank you Donna for your Kind words in welcoming us into the meditation group. We look forward to receiving snacks in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.  Luv ya!”  Jack

“This was so appropriate today.  ‘Just wanted to thank you for organizing this.  It’s been a tough week for our family.”  Sharon

“Each year, each day’s ‘Snacks’ have a new meaning for me like I’ve never read them before!  I find that Sarah Young’s JESUS CALLING Mediations are ‘ever new’ and ‘ever applicable’ in every circumstance.  I am so grateful for Sarah’s own depth of union with our Indwelling Peace Source, Jesus’ own Spirit, which inspired her to write JESUS CALLING.”  Donna

“You are a real centering prayer contemplative community builder.  I think you have found a special Spirit filled Niche!”   Don

“Sign me up!  Don shared this wonderful source of spiritual nourishment.  I was hooked! Thank you for making this great resource available. The Spiritual Snacks always arrive right on time and when they’re most needed.  Thanks for your diligence and generosity. Peace and Easter joy!” Steve

“I enjoy tremendously the new daily readings on the current day and thank you so much for doing this for all of us. I write down all those we pray for and their needs and then when their issues are settled, I remove their names and make room for new prayer requests.  I learned all this from my dear friend, Marge.”  Bev

“ . . . all of your wonderful efforts and love do not go unnoticed! Thank you for this! God bless! I love the ‘Spiritual Snacks’. They make my day!” Bev

“ I have received my book and it is wonderful. I pick that up with my morning coffee. It makes me so much more peaceful than my iPad. I stopped getting newspapers too and have eliminated more stress there also.  I am looking forward to my “Spiritual Snacks”.  Thank you so much.”  Jill

“Needed all of these {Snacks} today. Thanks, Donna!”  Kate