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Come As You Are – Spring 2009 Newsletter

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To Our Readers:
Once my “pay, pray and obey” Catholic bubble burst 17 years ago (the founding of CITI), I began questioning a lot of things about my religion. More recently, I have become curious about the Scriptures and have attended Bible classes. As a parochial school Catholic of the 40s and 50s, we were not encouraged to read the Bible. It was more important that we learn our Catechism. A recent Vatican document, however, now calls urgent attention to Catholics‟ lack of knowledge and confusion about the truths of the faith concerning Scripture and recommends Bible education. We might ask, “Why now?” rc synod doc 20181024 rc_synod_doc_20081024_message-synod_en.html.

Read the full newsletter here:

CITI Newsletter-April-2009

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