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CITI Ministries Newsletter – May 2019

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CITI’s Next Chapter
by Don Horrigan, Board Secretary

Organizations, like human lives, have their life and growth cycles. CITI Ministries is no exception. Founded in 1992 by the energetic visionary Louise Haggett, CITI Ministries grew and flourished. When, in the summer of 2011, Louise felt the need to step into retirement, the Board of Directors appointed Director Judy Lorenz to be her successor as CITI Ministries’ President/Executive Director.

For over seven years, Judy successfully shepherded the organization through challenging times. She confronted the challenges of an aging membership, a declining number of new member applications, and an increasingly restricted cash flow. To cut overhead and streamline operations, Judy moved the national office from rented space in Maine into donated space at her home in Bowie, Maryland. Working with the Board, she oversaw efforts to reduce overhead by cutting expenses and streamlining administrative procedures. Through all of this, Judy was single minded in her advocacy for the ministry of resigned priests.

Judy’s special focus was on the creation of regional faith communities across the country. Under her leadership, the Board embraced a refinement of CITI’s acronym: CITI — Celibacy Is The Issue; Community Is The Intent. Throughout her time in office, Judy and her husband, Dave, convened several regional meetings of priests and their spouses to encourage the development of intentional faith communities. While the membership welcomed regional gatherings, there was little interest in establishing intentional communities beyond those that already existed. Marriage, hospice and funeral ministry coupled with social advocacy is where the membership has centered its efforts and interest.

In order to meet the increasingly challenging task of balancing pastoral leadership and the financial and business management of CITI, in 2015 Mallory Zolyan Schmitt was asked to become CITI’s first Business Manager. Working as a team, Judy and Mallory were able to complete the streamlining of CITI’s business practices and to ensure the financial stability of the organization. Soon after, Mallory was invited to join the Board of Directors.

When, early in 2018, Judy announced that she wished to take a leave of absence from leading CITI, the Board asked Mallory to serve as Acting President/Executive Director. Mallory stepped up to that task. At its Pittsburgh Retreat last month, the Board appointed Mallory President/Executive Director. Having come into this role while working with Judy as CITI Business Manager, Mallory is comfortable incorporating the business management role into her role as President/Executive Director.

Mallory brings a rich background to her CITI leadership role. With an MBA in Marketing and a long career in Market and Media Research, she is ideally suited to build on the marketing legacy of CITI’s founder, Louise Haggett. She and her husband, Charlie, have extensive business and management experience having managed their own home improvement company, The Home Healer, for twenty-nine years. Mallory is also very involved in Charlie’s marriage ministry. Together they have been leaders in building the community of Maryland area CITI priests, having hosted multiple gatherings in their home.

The Board expresses deep gratitude to Judy and her husband Dave for their years of service to CITI Ministries. Without their generous leadership and personal sacrifice, CITI would not have been able to continue in existence. Their leadership has made it possible for CITI to enter into this new chapter.

The Board welcomes Mallory as its new leader and looks forward to the future of CITI Ministries, Inc. We invite everyone in CITI to say thank you to Judy Lorenz for all that she and Dave have done for CITI; and we invite everyone to extend a warm and supportive welcome to Mallory as she formally takes on the role of CITI President/Executive Director.

CITI Spotlight

Midwest Regional Gathering

On March 19th several Midwest members of CITI met in Tinley Park, Illinois. There were 12 attendees including Charlie and Mallory Schmitt, who flew in from Maryland, representing the CITI Ministries leadership. Mallory is the new Executive Director/President and Charlie is the Chairman of the Board. There was no set agenda – just a time to visit, get to know one another and time to share their common backgrounds and ministries. It was a very positive event! Those present were thankful the gathering took place. Some members knew each other but hadn’t seen each other in years, if not decades. Two members had even gone to the same college seminary together. It was great to see so many smiles and hear the laughter. Since everyone had such a great time, there was discussion about having another meeting later this year. We also talked about having a nationwide gathering of CITI Ministries next year which would provide the opportunity to get to know other members throughout the United States. Everyone agreed that if the nationwide gathering happened, it would be good to replicate this model. The time together flew by and if we hadn’t had a fixed schedule it could have lasted a lot longer. A couple of members said this was a good first step and are looking forward to the future.

If you are interested in a regional gathering or like the idea of a nationwide gathering next year, please let Mallory know at

Regional Coordinators

Still looking for regional coordinators!
It would be great to find someone in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area, NY Metro area and Florida.
If anyone is interested in becoming a regional coordinator, please let me know at

In Memoriam

We regret to announce the passing of one of our members, James Hushek from Arizona. Jim was a member since 2007. We send our thoughts and prayers to his wife and family.

Resource Corner

We occasionally get questions about the changes in the Catholic Rites over the past several years. Here is a list of the current “official” versions of the Ministry books being used by the Institutional Church, in case you were wondering…. (compiled by Jeff Long)

Old translation: Rite of Marriage – 1970 – Catholic Book Publishing Co.
New translation: Order of Celebrating Matrimony – 2016 – Catholic Book Publishing Corp.

Old translation:1) Order of Christian Funerals – 1990 – Liturgy Training Publications – Chicago
2) Order of Christian Funerals including Cremation – 1998 – Catholic Publishing Co.
New translation: Order of Christian  Funerals – 2018 – Liturgy Training Publications – Chicago

Old translation: Rite of Baptism of Children – 2004 – Catholic Book Publishing Co.
New translation: Approved by Bishops and will be published soon

Welcome to the Board

We welcome Patricia Horrigan to the CITI Ministries Board of Directors. Pat recently changed her status from FOB (Friend of the Board) to Board member. Pat is a wife (Don) and mother (Megan and Caryn) and grandmother of Sophia (age 4) and Bennett (age 2). She spent her professional years as a teacher, first as a Felician Sister out of Lodi, New Jersey. She left the Community in 1970 and continued teaching in public and private schools. Helping CITI continue its mission was the impetus for volunteering as the newest lay person on the Board.

Looking for some Volunteers

Do you have any special gifts or talents that you’d like to share? We could use the help! Please let us know if you have strengths in these areas:   Website Design or Maintenance – Skilled user of Facebook – Graphic artists – Canon Law

The CITI Ministries Board of Directors thanks you for your support!

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