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You Decide

If you want your wedding recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, then you will need to work with your parish priest. If they cannot meet your needs please read the information below to help you discern if CITI Ministries can work for you.

CITI priests are ordained Roman Catholic priests. They left ministry in the institutional Church, but have been called back to ministry by CITI Ministries, a lay Catholic organization. There are canon laws which support a married priesthood. Because of that call, they are members of the Society of Christ’s Priesthood, and recognized as a Catholic Priest in good standing with the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC). As a result, they are legally designated “ministers of religion” in every state in the nation, and therefore are able to legally officiate at your wedding ceremony.

The International Council of Community Churches and all other Christian denominations will recognize your marriage as valid and licit (i.e., legal). Since CITI priests are no longer ministering as clerics within the institutional and juridical Church of Rome, they lack jurisdiction from the Vatican to witness marriages on its behalf. Your wedding will be a ceremony in the Catholic tradition, according to the rites of the Catholic Faith, officiated by a Catholic Priest, and performed in accordance with state law. It will be recognized as legal by the state. 

If you wish, you may seek canonical approval from the institutional Roman Catholic Church through a process called “convalidation.”- simply, a “renewal” of your vows with the blessing of the Church within a parish church building.

The Church of Rome requires that its members follow the “form” of marriage as established by Canon Law. Couples who are married by CITI Ministries priests are not following the form established by Canon Law, so the Roman Catholic Church considers these marriages to be illicit, and will not recognize them as validly sacramental according to Church law.

Though CITI Ministries refers to canon laws which support a married priesthood, this is not in line with the current thinking of the Institutional Roman Catholic Church. Think about what you, your fiancée, and your families need and hope for at this time and down the road. If you decide that CITI Ministries is right for you then please click on Find A Priest and begin your search.